Once there lived an old couple, they loved each other and shared things with each other.  They had a happy marriage span. There were no secrets between them except that the old women had a little box in her cupboard. She advised her husband never to open. The husband agreed and never investigated about that box.

They now had been married for more than 50 years, and one day the old women fell ill severely. They doctor seemed to be hopeless about her health. She called her husband and asked to sit near her. She started to talk to her husband “Do you remember about the box in my closet about which you don’t know anything??”

“Yes,” said the man.

Old women said, “Now, bring it’s the time to told you the story of that Bring it to me and open.”

The man went, brought the box and opened that. There were two hand woven dolls and money of amount $20,000 inside the box.

The old man seemed to be surprised about  and asked the women about these things.

The old women smiled and said “you know what?? I can proudly say that we both spent a happy marriage. when we were getting married my mother advised me to never argue as it’s the secret of happy marriage. She told me If ever I get angry with you I should wove a doll. I followed her advice and did the same “.

The old man, with the tears in his eyes, looked at those dolls. They were only two. He was happy to see that she got angered on him only two times.

Suddenly he looked at that money and asked the old women ” Dear, you did not tell about this money, where did this come from?” The old women said “Oh, that I made from selling the rest of dolls. These two I made a few days back so could not sell that.” That explained all to the old man that it was actually the PATIENCE of his wife that led to they happy marriage. He now can feel her efforts that how many time she would have been angry with him but never argued.

So, here comes the secret of happy marriage, the PATIENCE. every married couple need to understand that no one is perfect. Every one has some negative points in his personality. To make a married life successful, both the partners need to show patience and try to make effort for the betterment of their personality.

If you already are or going to be tied in this lovely bond then protect your bond with patience and make your marriage “A Happy Marriage”


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    Mohammad Kashif Bhat

    November 29, 2016 at 1:16 am

    really nice…..jazakallah u khair


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